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Meet Studio 3 Hollywood’s newest addition to its media brand by EP/Host Tysha williams. Conversations With Tysha will be kicking off its first season this Fall with interviews from todays leading female authors, to criminal justice organizations and many many more. If you know anything about Studio 3 Hollywood, then you know we are “fiercely independent” television. Bringing a voice and awareness to an array of topics, not just because we are ran by women, but because we are fueled by YOU!


Check out our LATEST sit down with highly publicized, Cando Clemency organization founder and former prisoner, Amy Povah. This riveting almost 50 minute Documentary is a MUST WATCH! Amy dives in head first with grave detail of the highly controversial Conspiracy law that has ensnared so many of our country’s inhabitants and YOU could be next! no one is safe from this beast. Amy and I also discuss some very deserving clemency petition individuals, some that have gone viral in their campaigns to gain clemency and inform the masses of this arbitrary law that consumed them.