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An inclusive inspiring/ motivational tshirt and athleisure wear brand created from our truest state- LOVE. Everything starts with ‘I’ and ends with ‘U’

Working Title-Love is a Battlefield

This story of love and war follows two ambitious yet loving women in the prime of their careers when life happens to test their relationships, friendship and womanhood. Dallas Aquilar, an accomplished psychiatrist and radio talk show host is friends with Hollywood’s leading entertainment news anchor, Patrice Leonne-Stephens working her way to be the next syndicated Oprah Winfrey, literary heavy weight. The journey becomes real when several unfortunate events plague their rewarding life forcing an introspective growth like none other. These women fight to pick up and piece their lives together again. Experience the bond of true friendship, womanhood, and respect that is “Love is a Battlefield.”

Stay tuned as we are in the development stages of production seeking financing. We Would love and appreciate your support greatly as we embark upon this beautiful story for us by us.

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The three sweeds

*New project-” Pitch Please”- The three Sweeds 

The Gourmet High

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All Smiles Productions has a NEW project addition development in town, THE GOURMET HIGH.


Dispite its years of “illegal“ profile. Marijunana is now gaining its public legality at an astronomical rate, changing its name in the industry for the better. Now, that’s something the community has been behind for years and now joining the ranks of so many to continue to the conversation comes THE GOURMET HIGH!

Be apart of the conversation as Chef/Host Ricci and guests travel around LA preparing gourmet cuisines for special invited guests to enjoy their seat at the table in the continuum conversation of what this new era in the name of “cannabis” is creating, uplifting, inspiring, provoking, educating and most of all CURING in our society. Share in the HIGH and laughs with the cast and crew while Chef Ricci makes your mouth water with his international art of cuisine. Welcome to THE GOURMET HIGH!

Cando clemency


our sit down with highly publicized, Cando Clemency organization founder and former prisoner, Amy Povah. This riveting almost 50 minute Documentary is a MUST WATCH! Amy dives in head first with grave detail of the highly controversial Conspiracy law that has ensnared so many of our country’s inhabitants and YOU could be next! no one is safe from this beast. Amy and I also discuss some very deserving clemency petition individuals, some that have gone viral in their campaigns to gain clemency and inform the masses of this arbitrary law that consumed them. Fast forward to one of our years long fight for freedom recipient, Alice Marie Johnson. Finally freed 6/6/2018

Justice for Clemency video Link

The look

THE LOOK- The Look, a Shawn McDaniel Film follows a Hollywood starlet, Hope Cavall played by Michelle Romano. Hope’s career is boosted to the stratosphere by an unknown paparazzi photographer whose growing admiration for her pushes the envelope. In this short, shot to become a feature, we see the pulls of the business emotionally, physically and mentally on Hope’s character and the advancing infatuation of the photographer towards Hope. The Struggle between what exactly is “the look” is in question…

Hollywood came out in support at the LA red carpet premier screening.  The Q & A portion warranted great feedback and expression for this story. “We are all Hope” is what Tysha and Michelle have voiced in their pursuit of their passions. This story is so personal to us that we feel it deserves a feature review! says Tysha.

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